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COMFER Heating™ - Cutting-Edge Soothing Hot Compress Massaging Technology

COMFER Heating™ - Cutting-Edge Soothing Hot Compress Massaging Technology
$102 USD

COMFER® Heating™ is the ultimate personal hot compress technology. Now you can heal and relieve pain safely using moist heat. The COMFER® Heating™ Portable Therapy Machine provides a soothing massage that relieves muscle tension and increases circulation, while alleviating aches, so you wake up relaxed, refreshed and ready to get back to life. It provides both clinical and consumer benefits such as pain relief, relaxation and stress release.

Packed with cutting-edge soothing hot compress massaging technology, COMFER Heating™ will massage away tension and provide you with a relaxing and nurturing experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Kerri D.
Great knee massager!

We have been using this brace for 1 month for my daughter who has Hoffa syndrome, her physical therapist recommended it. It has been awesome to use in between sessions on days where she is more sore. It massages above and below the knee not the actual knee cap which is exactly what we were looking for.

Very recommended

Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2021I bought this for my aunt. She always complains about her knees hurting her all the time when she walks. It really hurts my feeling when I hear her saying that. So I bought this to try if it can really help her at any. It is really easy to use. I needed to teach my aunt only one time and she could make it work good.I will update more if she has improvement on her knee pain

Provides a triple treatment in one application.

I had a swelled knee situation. Used treatment plan of cold followed by knee massager. Product provided heat, good compression and a decent massage function to move liquid from the knee. This is a very good device for alleviating knee pain

Michael M.
works great

I have experienced a difference already after using 1 week. I dont know if patella tendon pain will go away as it focuses pressure above and below the knee but it made my pain in back of knee go away which was like tight hamstring and arthritic pain.

Have both the leg and knee version

My husband gave me the leg version for Christmas, but my knees are what really bother me from jogging. This is perfect, and more compact! I like the pressure AND heat for pain!