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Dog Harness Leash Car Safety Belt


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Did you know that your dog might be anxious during the ride because they're nauseous?

A lot of dogs love going out for a ride in the car. Surveys indicate that most dog owners who drive with their pets unrestrained in the vehicle are distracted as a result of driver distractions. 

The good news? You can change all that with our dog safety belt which will help you protect your pet and everyone else in the vehicle.

Protect your pet and your family with our Dog Harness Leash Car Safety Belt!


🐾 Safety is a priority - Other dog seat belt systems can easily be released by your pet stepping on the buckle button. This can not happen with the Dog Harness Leash Car Safety Belt.

🐾 Convenience-It can stay attached to your vehicle's latch bar at all times. It's sleek in nature and fits right in amongst the human seat belts. No more time and energy spent hooking and unhooking your pet's seat belt! 

🐾 Minimize Distracted Driving - Many dogs tend to move around, fall over, or try to climb into the front seat with you while driving. By having your dog strapped in with a harness, the driver can focus on the road and not the antsy dog in the back seat.

🐾 Durability: The Dog Harness Leash Car Safety Belt is made with thick, high-quality, weather-proof nylon that will hold up for years to come. 


Material: mesh
Seat belt: PP material, no stretch is about 50cm/19.69in, 45g
Color: black, blue, red, green
Size: S, M, L
Net weight: about 150g

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