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Fujimoto Nashiji

The Fujimoto Nashiji is a high quality blade with a razor sharp edge and beautiful design. The Japanese-made, stainless steel blade is 8 inches long, and comfortably lightweight. The Damascus finish combines high-carbon and stainless steel to create an impressive multi-layered appearance, while the full tang and comfortably flexible handles ensures a seamless slicing experience no matter which size knife you choose.
Fujimoto Nashiji
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Fujimoto is a legendary steel produced by Hitachi Metals; it's considered one of the best brands of steel on Earth. It was invented during World War II to prove the excellence of Japan's bladesmiths, who went on to rule the world for many years. Start a new culinary journey with this high quality knife. Deliver the same skills and techniques that have been passed down through the generations to help master your craft in the kitchen and create dishes that are truly special.

Customer Reviews

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Sleek Knife Set

I just received these knives a few days ago and so far they are awesome. The one piece black look is so sleek. They feel good in your hand not too heavy not to light. The only thing I would change is the block is wood that is painted black and as you put knives in it scratches the paint. It should’ve been maybe a plastic block or a natural wood block. I also didn’t like that they put the logo on the front of the block but that is pretty common. Overall a great set of knives and I’m looking forward to using them more.

Amazing craftsmanship

Amazing set! I’ve been looking for a good knife set for a few weeks now and couldn’t be happier with this purchase! The knives are incredibly beautiful, sturdy and yet sleek, and of course, razor sharp. I couldn’t ask for better, especially for this low of a price! Will definitely recommend to anyone looking for a modern and durable set.

Great buy!

These knives are very sleek, sharp and unique. We have never seen anything like them. We highly recommend these knives.

They are dishwasher safe.

So far, they have been great. The main reason I purchased these knives was the fact that they are dishwasher safe. They are all black and it is not the plastic wrap that they put on the handles. They are nice and sharp still.


Literally, almost too sharp! It can be hard to see which side of the knife has the sharp blade. Be careful when putting your finger on the backside of the blade when cutting so you don't slice your finger.