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Full Bloom Nightlight

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Full Bloom Nightlight
$25 USD

Glowing mushrooms that will enchant your evenings!

It's such a buzz when you turn need to turn the lights on in the middle of the night for a quick leak. The bright lights that hit your face make it hard for you to continue your beauty sleep!

But with Full Bloom Nightlight , your trip to the bathroom at night will be calm, enchanting, and completely stress-free!

With slow-cycling colors and cute and whimsical mushrooms.

This makes Full Bloom Nightlight a perfect way to help you relax, and squeal in delight in its magical aura!

"Giving you a calming atmosphere while you sleep at night!"

  • Ultra-Sensitive Light Sensor - A lightning-fast sensor that reacts to darkness in split seconds. You won't have to worry about accidentally leaving it on!
  • Enchanting Glow - Each mushroom emits a different color of light to set a fantasy-filled mood inside the four corners of your room.
  • Calm-Inducing - The light from the device is dim enough for you to enjoy a night's sleep while painting your room with calm and changing colors.
  • Adorable Look - The mushrooms are super cute to look at! Making the device a decoration in itself.
  • Safe Bathroom Trips - Fewer accidents at night thanks to the automatic light sensor feature.


TypeLilac Light

Color: Colorful light bulb Size: 20*15cm-7.9*5.9inch

Body Material: PC

Plug Type: US/EU

Plug Voltage:110V-220V


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