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LED Wall Plug Covers (4 pack)

LED Wall Plug Covers (4 pack)
$19 USD

The Night Light Wall Plug is a small and simple device. It's useful, electrical, and easy to use! Just plug it into any outlet in your home or office, and you'll never stumble in the dark again! LED-Wall Plug Turns an unused, standard wall outlet into a night light all while being energy efficient. This handy device will be sure to illuminate your life for years to come.

Plug one end into the socket, plug the other into an appliance and it lights up. Now you can enjoy them indoors or outdoors---even in dark areas.


Package Includes:

4 X LED Wall Plug Covers

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Much better than I expected them to be!!

I think I had a lower expectation of what these would be like in reality. But, as soon as I installed them, they exceeded my expectations! They are very nice. Just bright enough without being glaringly bright. The light stream forms an upside down V and illuminates enough floor space to navigate my bedroom and hallways. I do recommend using at least two of these on opposite walls in a room say, 10'x12', to get the best illumination for your room. Since they run on current inside the socket itself, you don't have to worry about wires, wiring or batteries. Just put them in the socket and screw on the plateand you've got illuminated socket plates. VERY nice. I plan to buy 10 more.

Absolute winners! easy to pop into place, dark halls or rooms with no windows now have light. Super for the elderly, or parents with kiddos requiring attention overnight. Soft, but appropriate light without keeping you awake when in a bedroom. I walk around my entire house at night without any problems, even though I am visually challenged.Also using the switch plate style, so it’s easy to find the switch in a closet, or dark room. These are absolute winners!

Easy install. Worth it!

The media could not be loaded.  These nightlight plates are so great! They installed so easily. Literally unscrew the current plate, place the new plate and screw it in. Then test. It’s so easy and so much more elegant than a nightlight sticking out of the wall

Great product. Perfect amount of lighting for a built in night light.

These outlets are great! Takes seconds to install. Actually takes longer to get them out of the package than on the wall. The lighting from these is perfect! Lights up a baby’s room or child’s room just enough to see, but it does not over power the room with light. Perfect for children’s rooms, bathrooms, and hallways.

Amazing product

You get what you pay for, these are well worth the price we love them!