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Derma Rollex - For Softer & Smoother Skin!

Black 0.2mm
Black 0.3mm
Black 0.25mm
Derma Rollex - For Softer & Smoother Skin!
$19 USD

Say goodbye to acne scars, say hello to beautiful porcelain skin!


If you're like most people who suffer from deep acne scars...

You know they're great at hiding your true beauty!

A confidence killer when you start talking with people under the clear and bright lights...

Where the holes are even clearer than they should be!

But it's time to earn back your confidence with skin that's as smooth as a baby...

Through a natural and dermatologically proven skin growth method!


Derma Rollexdoes a great job breaking down your skin through micro-thin needles...


Making way for healthy collagen production and letting you enjoy smooth and supple skin!


Naturally, stimulate collage formationthrough breaking micro-level skin tissues and making way for newer and fresher skin to grow.

Say goodbye to rough & uneven skin!Easy to use toolso you can enjoy your own derma beauty treatment at home, worry-free!Just make sure you don't force the needles into your skin... Roll it gently!

Clean up is fast and easy, that all you need to do is soak it in 75% alcohol between 5-7 minutes!

Treat your skin anywhere you gothanks to its small and compact design!Bring it with you without taking too much space inside your bag and use it while you're out of town!

A Medically-proven procedure means you've got years of research on skin rejuvenation backing you up in every rolling motion you make!


"Turn back the clock on youthful porcelain skin at the comforts of your home!"


  • Medical Microneedling- Use a proven & tested dermatological approach to naturally grow skin!
  • Compact & Lightweight- Super lightweight design lets you bring this derma tool with you anywhere you go!
  • Medical-Grade Needles- Made of high-quality sterile micro-needles for safe and worry-free use.
  • Ergonomic Handle- Features a comfortable handle design for an easy & effortless skin treatment experience.
  • Gift Idea- A thoughtful gift you can give to a friend who's obsessed with her skincare routine!



Needle Length: 0.2mm/0.25mm/0.3mm

Color: black (handle)+purple (roller)

Material: medical-grade stainless steel (needle) and hard plastic (handle).


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