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Power Tower Multi-Function Workout Dip and Pull Up Station

- Get in shape for beach season.
- Train like a professional athlete.

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Finding a good workout equipment for your home isn’t easy. There are so many options out there, and it can be hard to know what to choose.

Our Power Tower is the perfect solution for you! We have carefully selected all of our products based on their quality, versatility and effectiveness. This power tower is one of the best pieces of fitness equipment available today because it provides such an effective total body workout in just minutes per day. You will see results fast with this powerful exercise tool!

The Power Tower has been designed by our professional trainers to give you a full-body workout that targets your abs, back muscles, arms and chest while also burning fat and toning muscle mass. With this product you will be able to do pull ups/chin ups, dips (tricep), pushups vertical leg raises knee raises etc.

  • 14-gauge heavy square steel frame constructed with scratch-resistant coat finish, our power tower can hold riders weight up to 350lbs and withstand long term use.
  •  43.2’’ long-size H-shape base.
  • It is a multi-functional power tower that supports vertical knee raise, push-ups, dips as well as pull-ups, which help tone and target your arms, core, shoulders, chest, and back for a stronger upper body.
  • Pads for elbow protection, and the armrest of this dip station is slightly inclined towards the inside 10 degree to prevent the elbow from slipping off.
  • The height of pull up bar can be adjusted from 64.56" to 88.18"
  • 7 adjustable holes(1.2"-6.7") in the supporting tube, back cushion of power tower can be adjusted forward and backward based on the personal preferences.
  • 1 year warranty on the frame and 90 days warranty on all other materials. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 97 reviews
    Prepare To Get Jacked!

    This piece of equipment is a life saver during quarantine. it’s sturdy and easy to build tools are included. it’s affordable as well. Very satisfied.Warning: this product will turn you into highly desired man so if you have a spouse that is insecure and jealous you might want to reconsider this order.

    Amazing how sturdy it is

    I was pleasantly surprised how sturdy it is, I'm 5' 8" 170 pounds and its great for chin up, hanging climbers and so much more


     Very good exercise equipment. It makes my muscles firmer and stronger. The quality of the equipment is very good, very good exercise my chest muscles, abdominal muscles, reduce my belly fat.

    works pretty well

    Meets expectations.Pretty sturdy; flexes a bit when using the pull-up bar, but not worryingly so.The angled forearm rests for the leg lifts are a nice touch.I was worried at first that not all the components were included, particularly the screws, after comparing the part listing in the instructions with what I physically had in front of me. Turns out it was all there, but it's basically a puzzle to figure out which screw in the instructions to use; the drawings are pretty bad.No mention in the instructions on where to use the washers, but they should almost definitely be used on the head end of the 16 screws used on the lower half of the stand (see photo), as those are the only locations where you otherwise only have 1 ply of metal.

    Sturdy, small footprint ergonomically adjustable station

    Bought this based on Modus reviews. Use it in my garb where ceiling is about 3.5m high so I can have the pull up bar on the highest setting. It is sturdy yet light enough to move about in the garage. Allows you to achieve great form on pull ups as bars either side and ahead restrict sway. Ab work outs are very ergonomic and comfortable with tailored back adjustment and tilted arm pads securing you into the position. This tilt does make the dip station quite wide but you just do wide dips and get good at them. Press bars a real bonus and the foot print of this station is easily within 1m2 so one of the smaller foot prints on Modus but still sturdy.massembly was really easy but definitely hand tighten everything first. My dip bars needed some serious wrenching to get tight and prevent wobble but it's do able. My wife and kids also use this station thanks to its adjustability. Overall good value for money and excellent aftersales care too.