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Scoop Colanders Strainer Cooking Tool

Scoop Colanders Strainer Cooking Tool
$19 USD

Description:1PC Kitchen Accessories Scoop Drain Gadgets Strainer Veggies Large-Tools Item type: scoop colander Material: Nylon Color: as shown Size(L x W x H): 34.5x12.5x6cm Applications: for drain fruit and vegetable, beans, water Specifications: Features: Brand new and high quality. Scoop and drain directly from pan. Easy to washing and clean. Ideal for straining pasta vegetables and fried food. Light and practical .

Customer Reviews

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If you have arthritis, get one!

This is great for scooping bones out of homemade stock, pasta out of water, etc. without having to try to pour a giant pot of boiling liquid and solids into a colander. Another use I discovered is to rinse canned beans or drain canned veggies without the harder-to-clean net-based type strainer or the big colander. A standard size can's contents just fit. You can use it to rinse a serving of berries, too. It's lightweight and very easy to clean. It is very large and very tall, but that is exactly WHY it is so helpful. Look at the measurements and decide if you have a place for it, like a utensil jar, because it is not going to fit in most drawers. The flat edge makes it so much easier to use than the usual rounded strainers. It's a truly excellent design!

Easy draining!

I originally bought this tool for my aunt who has arthritis and has trouble lifting a full pot to drain it in a traditional colander but I quickly realized how beneficial this is for really anyone. Sometimes you don’t want to do all that lugging, other times you only want to take a portion out at a time out to drop something directly onto a plate or into a sauce. It’s very handy, I like it a lot.

One epic scoop

I use this bad boy to scoop tons of bronze and aluminum out of coolant tanks for CNC machines, works fantastic, and is sturdy as hell.

Saves time and stress scooping things out of liquids

When I make bone broth or beans, I can scoop out the solids without having to dump the whole pan over a colander and then transfer it back. This saves me a lot of time and energy and is very convenient. I don't leave things like this in hot pans, but for scooping, it seems to hold up well, wash easily, and store in my usual utensil crock. I recommend this item.

So convenient

Perfect size for everything. So much better than the bowl strainers, so light yet sturdy.