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The Java Grind™ - Easy & Portable Hand Coffee Grinder

The Java Grind™ - Easy & Portable Hand Coffee Grinder
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Enjoy the Full Coffee Experience!

The Java Grind™ is a manual & compact coffee grinder that's easy to use and doesn't need any batteries to operate. Letting you grind coffee beans to your desired liking wherever you go!

Did you know that getting the bang for your taste buds comes from one simple trick?

A trick that will let you savor every single coffee extract in your hot morning brew...

And experience a drink that explodes with flavor and excitement?

That's brewing freshly grounded coffee beans! See, if you pre-ground coffee beans and leave it for a day or more...

More and more of those rich natural flavors and aroma are taken away!

Which is why grinding your coffee beans is the best way for you topreserve those delicious flavors...

And taste the full high-quality coffee grinds in all your brews!

"Grind your coffee beans wherever you go!"

  • Manual & Portable - A manual compact coffee grinder that grinds coffee without needing electricity or batteries. Letting you enjoy fresh grinds whether you're working inside your office, or trekking at the top of a mountain.
  • Easy-To-Use Mechanism - All you need to do is place in the coffee beans, close the top, and turns the handle to get you the fresh grinds you're looking for! No batteries, power, long plastic cords included.
  • Non-Slip Grip - The body of the grinder features a non-slip rubber grip to let you have a firm hold while you're busy grinding your coffee.
  • Built To Last - High-quality stainless steel alloys means you won't have to worry about rust eating through your grinder! It'll last you a lifetime!
  • Gift Idea - A great gift to give to someone you know who LOVES drinking coffee!



-7.3 inch x 1.9 inch 

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Anna M.
Low price Barista level coffee making

I am in love with this product. The machine itself is easy to use, durable, and quickly allows you to grind up coffee beans into a more flavorful cup of coffee. The hand-cranking will definitely become part of your morning ritual, in fact you will actually enjoy it.The grinder is durable, attractive, easy to put together and take apart, and comes with five different grind settings that are easy to adjust.Have one for home and office if you want, but it has a compact design so you can easily throw it, some beans, and anything else you wish so you can brew your own coffee wherever and whenever you wishI would buy this for anyone who loves coffee


This is great! Smaller than expected, but beautiful and effective.

good product decent price

Just wish it ground coffee a lot finer. Don't like coffee grounds in my coffee. I use a paper towle to sift out grounds. Like the flavor.

Compact, surprisingly nifty single person coffee grinder!

I liked how compact this coffee grinder is! I was worried that the smaller size would equal less coffee beans it could grind. It grind enough coffee for me to make 2 cups a day (so 4 tbsp ground) This is definitely more for one person's coffee drinking vs a couple or a family. No muscles needed, just repetitive spinning until you hear the last bean ground up.I'm still surprised how adjustable the grind size is. At first it wasn't how I wanted, but I screw it tighter and got a surprisingly fine grind!It comes apart to be cleaned, my only gripe is there's a small washer that can easily eject itself off the spring mechanic inside, so keep an eye out when taking apart to clean!!!

Great grinder

A very good looking well designed grinder. I love the way the handle fold into itself to take less space. I can easily put it in my crowded cabinet.