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EPIC Viking Bearded Beanie

  • Join the Tribe!
  • Because lets be real, who doesn't want to look like a cool Viking!
  • Stylish and Unique (because who really wants to look like everybody else!)
  • Keeps you warm and cozy
  • Goggles not included

Proceeds go towards the Movember Foundation to raise awareness of men's health issues.


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EPIC Viking Bearded Beanie
$45 USD

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This EPIC Viking Bearded Beanie is absolutely hilarious! It's also warm and savagely awesome! This crocheted hat is fashioned from 100% acrylic yarn making it extremely soft. On the inside of the hat, on either side, there are buttons, making the beard detachable and easy to remove if needed! There are also three different buttonholes on the beard, making it easy to find just the right fit. You can also tie your beard any which way you want!

Handmade product.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 79 reviews
    Happy Leif Erikson Day, Hinger Dinger Dirgen!

    Someone said it didn't have a place to button the beard on but it definitely does. It gives me the strength and warmth to destroy my enemies in the name of Odin and the comfort of taking whole villages in my pj's. The only con to this is waking the neighbors when you step outside and scream a mighty war cry while getting your newspaper. Fits great and looks awesome.

    So you want to be a Viking?

    Greeting young lass or beardless man, and prepare to embark on a cheap journey to looking like a Viking.So I bought this for Halloween, and just for gimmicky days at work. Overall I'm pretty impressed what I got with just a few bucks, and a prayer that it wouldn't suck.Good:--------------------*Solid crotched viking hat, the horns terrify smaller animals that dare look at you. Cats see them as giant ears, and think you're some kind of Alpha predator, dogs look up at you and realize that you're a true warrior from across the sea, and children think they look quirky.*The beard made from an unknown origin that mimics the awesomeness of a true Viking warrior's beard, is not very scratchy on the skin and can be worn in a wide variety of climates from the sweltering summer heat, to Northern breezes that could chill a man to the bone.*You can fit a mask over it, and rock the 2020 look while looking manly and health conscious for the general public of peasants and other folk.*You attract males and females from across the globe, many will double-take as they see a true Viking walking in their midst, and many will ask to come over to you and take a selfie.The Bad-------------------------*The beard doesn't look great on everyone without the hat.*Cats are genuinely terrified of the hat.*People will want to try the beard on themselves.Honestly for a cheap purchase I was able to get a laugh from an entire breakroom of bored government employees, terrify a few cats, and have five random people at Wal-Mart come up to me for a selfie. It was good for one Halloween party, and with cold winds it works as an excellent chin-warmer. I don't recommend tying it to the hat, it's better to just loop it around the ears and do a light knot.

    V-Brown is a dark red beard, Beard needs to be tied onto hat’s inner buttons to be attached

    I love the softness and comfort of the hat and beard. Halloween costume beards are usually overly shiny, fake-looking, uncomfortable messes and this is soft and as comfortable as such an item can be expected to be. The yarn used is ultra soft and stretchy, making the hat comfy, too. Got the V-Brown color and as pictured it’s actually auburn red, which is what we hoped it would be despite the mislabeled color (brown). To use just the beard (which we will since the cozy hat didn’t fit beneath my son’s costume helmet) we tied a stretchy hair tie to each end of the beard loop ties and just plan on stretching it over the ears and around the back of the head. Looping the beard ties over the ears alone was painful for extended wear. The helmet pictures was bought separately and this beard used alone with it will make an awesome Viking costume for him. After Halloween we plan to tie the beard back into the included knit Viking cap (see second picture to see how there are included buttons sewn into it for you to tie the beard onto it) and he’ll have such a subtle, understated winter hat ;)

    Great Gift

    I read all the reviews before buying this for a white elephant gift. I haven't gifted it yet, but I took it out of the package affixed the beard to the hat via the two buttons and tried it on. It's incredibly soft and comfortable and looks perfect to me. It's hysterical and for under $20, a good value. I will likely buy another one.

    Amazing viking beanie

    It was very warm for Halloween night! Thank you!